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Iowa's Top Workplaces 2011
Des Moines Area Community College

Employees in region:
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Des Moines, IA

Top Workplace

About Des Moines Area Community College

DMACC helps individuals realize their career and life dreams through education.

What employees say

“The staff and people around me create a very comfortable and caring culture. Mentorship is something everyone does/helps with. There is always someone with an answer they are very happy to help! ”
“I can try anything I believe will help make me more effective. Almost total freedom.”
“I am so excited that we are innovative and try to find new ways to do things. That opens up so many opportunities to try to be better at what I do.”
“My manager encourages me to look outside the box and be creative. I am given direction and then allowed to do my job without feeling micro-managed. We meet regularly for communication/feedback. ”
“I believe I make a real difference in my students' lives. I am part of a great team with lots of support to assist our students to be successful. My superiors listen and make appropriate adjustments.”
“I feel respected; my ideas are valued; I am encouraged to be involved in professional organizations; the work environment is pleasant and congenial.”
“I work for the most amazing director. She is always supportive, encouraging, respectful and thankful to myself and our entire staff.”
Where to find Des Moines Area Community College